Understanding the Work of Concrete Contractors

When you’re building a home or any structure, high are the chances that you’ll use concrete to build it. Right now, concrete is the most preferred material to install floors, walls, roads, and more. Concrete is also used to build the foundation of most buildings. Everybody knows that a strong and sturdy structure has a good foundation. Concrete contractors are the professionals whom you hire when you need any type of concrete work done. It’s...

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Tips on Hiring a Roofing Expert

Roof is also an investment for home property owner. They can be a factor for buyers when they want to buy a house. So, if you are going to sell your property in the future, it might be best to hire a roofing professional to do your roof. There are many companies to choose from, but the question is how can you select the best one for you? If you want your roof done by roofing professionals Tennessee, follow the steps below: Do’s When...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn English

Are you considering choosing an additional language to learn in the course of your years? If so, consider learning English. Here are 10 reasons why you should learn English.   English is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  You will be able to utilize the English language most widely since it is spoken in more countries than any other languages. Meaning, it is the language that can provide you with the best return for your efforts in...

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5 Habits of Best Cab Drivers

A driver is the face of any cab service providing company. The whole company with big investments completely depends on the driver. He serves as bridge between the customer and the organization. As a matter of fact, he is the one responsible for getting feedbacks and giving actual service to the clients.  The following are the 5 habits of being the best cab drivers:  Friendly– A good driver should also be a good friend to the client. He will be...

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Benefits of Using a Professional Cab Taxi Service When Going to the Airport

Hiring a professional airport cab service is considered as the most comfortable and agreeable method for getting yourself transported to and from the airport, as well as referred to as the best approach when it comes to city commute. A professional and reliable taxi service is offered by expert and reputable companies that have profoundly prepared honest and experienced people working for them. And, aside from that, there are also different...

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Top 3 Benefits of Using a Reliable Taxi Service

Generally, a taxi cab service can be referred to as for-hire vehicle provided with a professional driver. Most of the time, small group of passengers, or even a single passenger uses this kind of transportation service for a non-shared way of riding a public transportation. As a matter of fact, a professional taxi cab service is considered as one of the most ideal and economic way of transportation that will not only give the passengers a sense...

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    • Important announcement from the ITA : Parliament Square Protests. February 19, 2019
      The Met Police have asked that Millbank alongside the House of Lords be kept clear.  As they have been very accommodating with the protests so far, we feel this request should be facilitated.  When making your way to the protests please use Victoria Street/Broad Sanctuary , Birdcage Walk/Great George , Whitehall and Bridge Street. Don’t forget […]
    • London Taxi PR holds discussions with Mayor of Hackney on ULEV restrictions February 19, 2019
        London Taxi PR (LTPR), an organisation which represents the interests of the Licensed London Taxi profession, has announced that it has held an exploratory talks meeting with both the Mayor of Hackney and representatives from Hackney Council to discuss the ULEV road restrictions that have been imposed in the Borough.The talks were held at Hackney […]
    • They Lied To Us Before And They're Lying To Us Again. The Fight Is On....Greenbadgejohn. February 19, 2019
      The fight is on.Being that the TXe is 20 grand overpriced and has a limited time use, its only likely to end in tears for us especially as Tfl has stopped plating diesel cabs to remove all options of new cab purchases to one.When Boris brought in a 15 year time limit back in 2012 […]
    • Run That By Me Again....Fake News From The LTDA...Surely Not 😂😂😂 February 17, 2019
      In Friday's email to members, Steve McNamara claimed that Taxi Leaks post about a possible ban on Taxis using parts of Oxford Street was Fake News.The story was given to us by a member of the joint ranks committee... who attended a meeting with Westminster earlier in the week, and was simply 'a report', not […]
    • Mayor Magically Rediscovers Missing Millions After David Kurten's Tough Questioning. February 16, 2019
      On Friday Morning, GLA UKIP Councillor David Kurten put out a statement saying that after last weeks tough questioning of Sadiq Khan, he has magically rediscovered the missing £24m he cut from the Taxi delicensing scheme and made it available to London's Black Taxi Drivers..... See Cllr Kurten's in cab interview with London Taxi Radio's Sean […]
    • Seconds Out, Round One... UTAG At The Royal Courts Of Justice February 14, 2019
      The London Taxi Trade were in court yesterday to challenging Uber’s “temporary” London operating licence at the High Court, claiming the judge who granted it was “biased”.The United Cabbies Group Ltd (UCG), which represents Hackney Carriage Drivers in the capital, says Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot’s decision to grant Uber a 15-month permit was “tainted by […]
    • Why We Are Protesting At Parliament Again Today, Westminster Next To Announce Cab Exclusion From Oxford Street. February 13, 2019
      The Thin Edge of the wedge.Last nights Evening Standard (page 27) States more bans for cars (and taxis) around Bank Junction which will ban traffic At All Times from half the roads feeding Bank Junction. We've also been told today that Westminster may exclude Taxis from parts of Oxford Street. An announcement is due around the […]
    • As Protests Enter Forth Week, The ITA Issue Statement In Regards To Scathing Attack From LTDA. February 12, 2019
      Whitehall...Taxis all the way to Trafalgar Square and beyond.Yesterday saw the start of the forth week of protests over TFL's and the Mayor's agenda against the Taxi Trades access to certain Streets and  bus lanes, with Tottenham Court Road and being the thin end of the wedge. As the protests are gathering momentum, it may […]
    • Addison Lee For Sale Off The Shelf For £390m, But Don't Forget, All Their Drivers Are Employees! February 10, 2019
      Carlyle Group is eyeing the possible sale of Addison Lee Group in a deal that could value the London-based taxi company at around £390m, according to a reliable source.The buyout group has appointed bankers from Bank of America Merrill Lynch to handle the process, which is likely to start later in 2019 when there may […]
    • Uber Rapist? Or One Of TfL's Run Of The Mill Unchecked PH Drivers? February 10, 2019
      Armed police shoot man 'holding a firearm' in his twenties as officers arrest group 'holding woman captive' in south-east London.By Rod Ardehali For Mailonline and The Mail on Sunday Reporter 09:11 09 Feb 2019, updated 23:00 09 Feb 2019 • Man shot during arrest of six men for allegedly holding a woman captive • Armed police called […]