5 Habits of Best Cab Drivers

A driver is the face of any cab service providing company. The whole company with big investments completely depends on the driver. He serves as bridge between the customer and the organization. As a matter of fact, he is the one responsible for getting feedbacks and giving actual service to the clients.  The following are the 5 habits of being the best cab drivers:  Friendly– A good driver should also be a good friend to the client. He will be...

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Benefits of Using a Professional Cab Taxi Service When Going to the Airport

Hiring a professional airport cab service is considered as the most comfortable and agreeable method for getting yourself transported to and from the airport, as well as referred to as the best approach when it comes to city commute. A professional and reliable taxi service is offered by expert and reputable companies that have profoundly prepared honest and experienced people working for them. And, aside from that, there are also different...

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Top 3 Benefits of Using a Reliable Taxi Service

Generally, a taxi cab service can be referred to as for-hire vehicle provided with a professional driver. Most of the time, small group of passengers, or even a single passenger uses this kind of transportation service for a non-shared way of riding a public transportation. As a matter of fact, a professional taxi cab service is considered as one of the most ideal and economic way of transportation that will not only give the passengers a sense...

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      London's congestion charge, introduced in 2003, has actually increased diesel pollution in the capital according to university researchers.Scientists from Lancaster University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology presented a study on the matter at the Royal Economic Society's annual conference.The study found that since the introduction of the charge, […]
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      A simple, affordable and apparently foolproof solution to the problem that has led to the current worldwide ‘demonisation’ of diesel engines — emissions of life-limiting NOx — has been discovered by a team of British automotive research specialists at Loughborough University.The system, called ACCT (ammonia creation and conversion technology), has reached such a promising stage that the creators are […]
    • Uber Sells South East Asia Operations To Rival Grab, Lock Stock And App, After Losing $10b March 26, 2018
      Uber is selling its South East Asia ride-share and food delivery businesses to regional rival Grab.The move marks a further retreat from international operations for Uber, after it sold its China business to local rival Didi Chuxing.Both firms describe the deal as a win for their passengers, but analysts warn it could mean higher prices.Grab is […]
    • No One Is Above The Law Says Mayor Sadiq Khan...Unless It's An Uber Prius Says TfLTPH. March 24, 2018
       If ever there was an article that alleged the Mayor &  TfLTPH are in the pockets of Uber... it’s this! What’s happened to the London’s clean air policy when it comes to Uber's main stock Prius then?Where are the Clean up London's air campaign protestors?The article below from Autocar.co.uk: "New CO2 figures for the updated Toyota Prius have […]
    • Sean Paul Day : Open Letter To Credit Card Equipment Provider CMT. March 23, 2018
      I write with reference to the attachment included in this email. On the 23rd of February the CMT device and meter were both removed from the aforementioned Taxi, reg:@@@@@@. The removal being carried out at Taxi World, Tottenham Hale.Although CMT’s property has already been removed, I read with interest your accompanying letter.  For the record, I consider […]
    • Uber London Not Operating In Chelmsford...Oh Dear How Sad, Never Mind! March 22, 2018
      Putting aside the fact that Uber have been operating illegally with the full knowledge and permission of TfL for he last 6 years....Just when you thought it couldn't get more crazy...Uber come up with a plan to geofence the TfL Greater Metropolitan Police District. This is the area that TfL licensed Taxis are allowed to openly […]
    • LCDC Chairman Grant Davis Emails Mike Brown/TfL Over Shocking Uber Driver Video. March 22, 2018
      London Cab Driver Club (LCDC) Chairman Grant Davis, has emailed TfL Commissioner Mike Brown along with many others at TfL, over yesterday's Daily Mail story regarding the Uber driver who terrified his passengers by trying to reverse along the motor way after missing his turn off. Subject: Uber driver filmed reversing on a busy road in […]
    • Did You Believe The TXe Was Designed To Be A Bespoke Taxi... Well Think Again March 21, 2018
              Most electric vehicles go from home to work-work to home, maybe an hour or so each way!Most Taxis normally work 8-10 hrs shifts, some a bit more! Question: Have Geely built us a bespoke Taxi?Or with a potential production line of 25,000 vehicles pa, were they looking to get their new electric delivery […]
      Fraudsters are using the app to create entire networks built on rides that never occur to extract real cash from stolen credit cardsRUSSIAN fraudsters are hijacking Uber in collaboration with crooked drivers to launder dirty money.The intricate scam sees the tricksters act as middlemen for clients – organising “ghost rides” through the Uber app that […]
    • Make Sure You Have Your Say: TfL Taxi Fares Consultation 2018 March 20, 2018
      Click link to take consultation https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/taxis/fares-2018/ We are seeking views on proposed changes to taxi fares and tariffs in London.   Transport for London (TfL) licenses and regulates taxi and private hire services in London. As part of this, we set the maximum fares that taxis (black cabs) can charge. These fares are determined by tariffs that are […]