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Free Your Glee: The Fair 2010

It rarely stops raining here, and it never seems to be sunny of the few days we have off. That, however, didn’t keep me from going to the fair this fall, not once, but twice. Here are some of my … Continue reading

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Recipe: Russian Tea

One of my favorite things to drink at this brisk time of year is one of my mom’s old stand-bys: Russian Tea. Sweet and tangy, citrusy and soothing, this blend is the perfect pairing with a bran muffin or raisin … Continue reading

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“What is home? Every other place you fit in, but home is the place that fits you… home is the place where the colors, the architecture, the furniture…everything is where it ought to be.” -Tim Keller

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Thoughts on: How loving is “your” God?

I went on a walk this afternoon with my friend Chelsea and we talked about God. We talked about the fact that there is very little that most Americans can agree about when it comes to religiosity or spirituality. But … Continue reading

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Easy Crowd-Pleaser: Homemade Bread

I’m “making” homemade bread. Right now. While I write this post. And later this evening, when we join our friends at their home for a lovely autumn dinner, they’re going to rave, “Oh, this bread is so delicious and, oh, … Continue reading

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10.10.10 Top Ten

 This morning I woke Eric up at 10:10 (though I should have woke him at 9:10) to savor and celebrate this special day. In Honor of 10-10-10, I rounded up a list of my top ten favorite things about fall. … Continue reading

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The Social Network

Last Friday I had the pleasure of watching the social network with two good friends and although my expectations were high, despite a string of recent let-downs (Wall Street, Repo Men, and the Bounty Hunter… suprises? no), it didn’t disappoint. In fact, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Mercy v. sacrifice”

Jesus said, “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.” I like this quote. At first glance it makes me feel like I never have to give up anything, especially my most-coveted comforts and material things; all I have to do is … Continue reading

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Happy autumn!

“Autumn” is just so much prettier to say than “fall,” don’t you think? I’ve decided that a little shelf just inside my son’s door will be the spot in his room for his ever-transitioning seasonal decor. I don’t even think … Continue reading

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