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The Oscars

Did you all happen to watch the Oscars last night?  I did.  My friends recently gave Thomas & I their old digital converter box, and let me tell you–it has changed our lives.  I love watching TV & I loved … Continue reading

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Trina’s Trip to Vietnam

Today we have Trina Jones visiting, just back from a winter term in Vietnam. Here’s her story: Last fall, I heard about an opportunity to take two classes in Vietnam in January, and the idea inexplicably lodged itself in my head. … Continue reading

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Life.NK by Space.NK

Sounds like a different language, huh? Did you guys see this post by Ez of Creature Comforts? Yes, I’m a sucker for bath and body products – and virtually anything with the name apothecary included- but I can’t stop going … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Joy

I’ve been thinking about joy, lately. What brings about joy in my life, and in all of our lives. What can I do to be more joyful? What would be the opposite of joy and what distinguishes joy from happiness? … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Kid to Eat

My friend Kelsie and I have just one prevailing issue in our lives: sometimes our one-year-olds won’t eat. Kelsie and I met at childbirth class, when we were both pregnant with our firstborns. A year+ later, we’re close friends and … Continue reading

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Giveaway Winner

Thank you guys…      1. for reading our blog      2. for entering to win our fun giveaway      3. for supporting us      4. for joining in this little community. We are so appreciative! The winner of our half-way … Continue reading

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A Kid’s Room: Decorated

My son’s room is hands-down my favoritely decorated room in our home. Is it just me or is it just extra fun that a child’s room somehow gives you permission to decorate with whimsy – bold colors, vivacious prints, sumptuous … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Growth

Recently, I’ve been reading a book about growth.  It’s called How People Grow, by Henry Cloud & John Townsend.  I wanted to share with you one thought that’s been milling around in my head over & over.  It’s about what … Continue reading

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March Goals

I think montly goals are more manageable, so here are my top 5 goals for next month. 1. Convince Eric to file our taxes {and hope for a big refund} 2. Create two new, unique listings for my etsy shop … Continue reading

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How to: Follow a Blog

I remember the day when Joce and Steph had a mini-intervention with me about why I should be using a google reader. After some brief introduction it took only one day to hook me on the benefits of the reader. … Continue reading

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