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5 Habits of Best Cab Drivers

A driver is the face of any cab service providing company. The whole company with big investments completely depends on the driver. He serves as bridge between the customer and the organization. As a matter of fact, he is the one responsible for getting feedbacks and giving actual service to the clients.  The following are the 5 habits of being the best cab drivers:  Friendly– A good driver should also be a good friend to the client. He will be...

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Benefits of Using a Professional Cab Taxi Service When Going to the Airport

Hiring a professional airport cab service is considered as the most comfortable and agreeable method for getting yourself transported to and from the airport, as well as referred to as the best approach when it comes to city commute. A professional and reliable taxi service is offered by expert and reputable companies that have profoundly prepared honest and experienced people working for them. And, aside from that, there are also different...

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Top 3 Benefits of Using a Reliable Taxi Service

Generally, a taxi cab service can be referred to as for-hire vehicle provided with a professional driver. Most of the time, small group of passengers, or even a single passenger uses this kind of transportation service for a non-shared way of riding a public transportation. As a matter of fact, a professional taxi cab service is considered as one of the most ideal and economic way of transportation that will not only give the passengers a sense...

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    • Renewing Your Bill Still Over Complicated... We Ask Why The Orgs Have Failed To Simplify The System ? February 5, 2019
      In the 45 years I've been licensed as a London Taxi driver, I have never before had a problem applying for a renewal. The easiest was Penton Street, just turn up, fill in the form, hand over two passport photos, pay your cash and that was it. Then when TfL took over licensing, I used the […]
    • Midland Road St Pancras... 'Move Rank' : Pancras Road... 'BanCycles'... Job Done. February 4, 2019
      Because of the carnage created in Midland Road by Camden Council, we believe it's time TfL and Eurostar stepped in and moved Euro Star ranking facilities round to Pancras Road.Reports on social media over the weekend said it was taking over £11 on the clock (from picking up on St Pancras rank) to finally exiting […]
    • Statement From The Independant Taxi Alliance (ITA) : Latest News About The Demos. February 2, 2019
      *The Truth*Jas Sandhu of the Met Police, seconded to TfL as a replacement to Insp Neil Bellany (of the Uber email FOI's), contacted every Org and Union wanting to speak the ITA leaders.Steve Garelick informed us via text, not giving Sandhu any of our personal information away, but giving me Sandhu's number.Sean Paul Day and […]
    • Khan's Zombie Pollution Statistics Exposed....Part Two....By Green Badge John. February 1, 2019
      It has always been well known TFL's dodgy taxi emission statistics were a product of fantasy reliant on a philosopy of technology running too slow for those who desire it most..... Them.So making up disparaging and unsustainable accusations against an easy target namely taxis for pollution or emission levels and ignoring the hundreds of thousands […]
    • GLA Councillor David Kurten Exposes Sadiq Khan's Statistics As Guesstimates February 1, 2019
      At Mayor's Question time on the 17th of January, London Mayor Sadiq Khan told GLA Councillor David Kurten that  taxis produce 20% of NOx in Central London today and will produce 30% of NOx by 2020....When questioned about the validity of the statistics he said why should I ignore the science from my experts !!!But […]
    • Pair Who Robbed Taxi Drivers At Knifepoint Jailed For Nine Years January 31, 2019
      Aalia Chaudhary and Fizan Syed were both jailed for robbing taxi drivers at knifepoint. Credit: Thames Valley PoliceA man and woman who robbed taxi drivers at knifepoint have been jailed.Fizan Syed and Aalia Chaudhary targeted four taxi drivers in Slough over an 18 month period between November 2015 and May 2017The pair would order a […]
    • Week 2 Day 2 : Thank You TfL For Making Our Demo Successful . Every Journey In Tatters! January 30, 2019
      Seventh weekday evening in a row and bang on the dot of 4pm, the proactive drivers of the ITA again blocked Tottenham Court Road (TCR). But today we noticed a complete attitude change from the police. Someone above decided they would give Taxis the run-around, and road blocks were set up to stop drivers accessing the road from […]
    • Shock News As LEVC Lay Off 20% Of It’s Coventry Staff Just 24 Hours After Prince Charles Visit. January 29, 2019
      Shock news today as we read in the Coventry Telegraph, that Coventry based Electric Taxi manufacturer announces 70 job losses. Funny enough, the announcement came just 24 hours after Prince Charles visited the new factory in AnstyWorkers at the LEVC works, that builds the London Electric range extender black cabs, have been told today to expect […]
    • Week 2 Day 2 : Thank You TfL For Making Our Demo Successful . Every Journey In Tatters! January 29, 2019
      Seventh weekday evening in a row and the proactive drivers of the ITA blocked Tottenham Court Road (TCR bang on the dot of 4pm. But today we noticed a complete attitude change from the police. Someone above decided they would give Taxis the run-around, and road blocks were set up to stop drivers accessing the road […]
    • Open Letter To TfL Regarding Taxi Exclusion From Mayor Of London's Plans For Tottenham Court Road. January 29, 2019
      To: Tottenham Court Road exclusion. Why are Licensed London Taxis being excluded from TfL, Camden Council and the Mayor of London's plans for Tottenham Court Road?With the horrendous KSI statistics of TfL's publicly funded, privately owned Bus companies, in stark contrast to the unparalleled safety record of self-sufficient Taxis, it appears there is an agenda by […]