A New Start

Hi Friends,

For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to start blogging on my own, personal, individual blog. I’ve been thinking and praying a lot lately about blogging and whether I wanted to continue blogging, why it is that I blog, and what I want my writing to be about. I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for this reason. And I’ve missed it.

So, although I’m still in the midst of some of my confusion and indecision, I will offer this: for now, I’ve decided to continue my blogging at www.laplantehouse.com. I know, deep down, that the only way I’ll be able to blog long-term is if I do it for myself and for God. All other reasons, no matter how powerful the force, will not be sustaining. So, I need to be able to be accountable to God and myself (for what I post, what my blog’s about and how much time I sink into my blog) and be motivated by God and by myself.

Another reoccurring nagging thought lately has been a pretty nasty one: comparison. One thing I hate about the world of blogging is the apparent comparison, judging and competition between women to be the best, to look like we’ve got our lives all put together, to have the most followers and have the best posts. Exhausting! I’m in favor of authentic discussion, honesty, growth and God-honoring words and feelings. In my life and in yours. I hope you’ll hold me to that and that LaPlante House will be a fresh start for me on that forefront.

So, thanks. Thanks for reading Lemontree3- these women, and your readership, means the world to me- please don’t stop. Thanks for sticking with me through the move (I hope you’ll add me to your reader and subscribe to laplantehouse.com) and as links and images get corrected/stay messed up.

I appreciate you.

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