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What’s in a kid’s travel bag?

It seems like I’ve seen so many ads lately in which a celebrity “dumps” her purse and we all get to see {gasp!} what’s in it. Then we all immediately jump in our cars and run off to buy all … Continue reading

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[Not so lovely] Love Handles

I have a bit of baby weight to lose. And almost all of it is in my love handles. I thought I’d share just two of my simple strategies regarding my fight with love handles. 1) to lose them: a … Continue reading

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Summer love: spicy coral toenails + a new baby boy

Hi friend. It’s Jocelyn. Sorry to be so MIA at lt3 the past several weeks. I’m happy to say, though, that I can reach my toes again! And I’m even happier to say that we have a new, healthy-in-every-way, snuggly … Continue reading

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Free Friday Fun: Make Your Own Font

I made a font this week out of my own handwriting. Some of you might look at your chicken-scratch and think, “Why in the heck would I want that?” but I actually inherited fairly neat penmanship and prudish perfectionism from … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Wall Art. Pass it On. 2.

As do many people with a step-foundation, daylight basement, I have one big, blank wall with a shelf of chair rail height that runs the entire length of my basement. What the heck are you supposed to do with that? … Continue reading

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A Hospitable Home

or How to Keep a Clean & Welcoming Home. My home seemed to have a revolving door of house-guests this week. And you’ll remember that it’s the week that I’ve just come home from a much-needed extended-weekend getaway. Every day … Continue reading

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Buh-Bye, Everyday Life!

Why Getaways Are Important I’m going on a getaway this weekend-extended. And I can’t wait. My husband just got back from a getaway last weekend-extended, and now it’s my turn to pack up my bags, leave the boys at home, … Continue reading

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Need Money Help? Check out Crown Financial Ministries

Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you sometimes hear yourself making the excuse, “I’m just bad with money!”? Do you sometimes feel anxious or overwhelmed by financial management? Do you look at your parents’ poor example of money management and think, … Continue reading

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Premiere Review: “Pregnant in Heels”

My post is late tonight – I thought I’d give you a hot-off-the-press review of “Pregnant in Heels,” a new Bravo show that premiered tonight!   The show follows a British maternity concierge, Rosie Pope, as she navigates the waters … Continue reading

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A little seed

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