DIY: A Book Wreath

I’m a shameless promoter of my book wreath on the blog {as seen in this blog post and this post} and in person, so it’s no surprise that you guys have been asking for info about it! She is a beaut.

I orginially got the idea from Jocelyn, who received a book wreath as a gift from Sam. It was just such a fun statement piece in her home that I had to give it a try. {note: this is not my unique idea and I cannot take any credit for it.}

Sam used this tutorial to jump start her project and I used it too. I recommend checking it out.

At least one big book.
I purchased an old book from a used book store {can’t recall the title} that had beautiful browning pages and a fun cover {not necessary, but more on that to come}. It wasn’t quite enough so I grabbed a second, less wonderful book at Value Village. Though there were differences in the type, nobody seems to notice.
A wreath form. I used a styrafoam wrath form. Don’t get a super huge one because the pages add a lot of size- it’ll be bigger than you expect. Also, don’t get one too small because then the pages will get smooshed together in the middle. I used a flat 10″ wreath.
Hot Glue Gun.
Ribbon for hanging

Basically, I just ripped out the pages from the book and folded them in a variety of ways. You want soft folds, not hard folds so that it still looks fuid and curvy. Then I stapled one end and hot glued that end onto the wreath. Watch the video for more specific details. The whole project cost me less than 10 bucks and took a few hours off and on.

For those of you who have made one, please share your advice and tips below.

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  1. Lena Voth says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post to come around! 🙂 Thanks! I’ve seen some in a variety of Starbucks’ and craft fairs, just have not got around to dabbling in it myself! Very lovely miss Amanda.

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