Half Way Giveaway!

Well friends, we’re halfway through our 100 posts in 100 days here at lemontree3, and we want to celebrate. We’re giving away a set of my favorite things from Trader Joes, inspired by my favorite things post from a few days back.

One lucky winner will receive 1 bag of TJ’s kettle corn, 1 bag of TJ’s Cinnamon Almonds, and 1 box of pumpkin bread and muffin mix. I love all three of these. The popcorn only lasts for one day around Casa LaPlante, E and I take the almonds to work for snacks, and the mix is perfection when you add mini chocolate chips and make muffins. In fact, i’m kind of tempted to keep all of this and make them now.

Unfortunately, this giveaway can only be shipped within the US. Sorry!

Here’s how to enter to win:

1. Answer this quesiton: What is your favorite snack? (extra affection if it happens to be from TJ) (1 entry)

2. Follow our blog or subscribe to it in your reader. Leave a comment telling us that you’ve done so. (1 entry)

3. If you already follow us or subscribe to our blog, leave a comment and tell us something fun abou yourself. We’d love to “meet” you. (1 entry)

4. Tweet/Status update about this giveaway.  (1 entry) Examples:

  • “Love the giveaway on lemontree3.com today for Trader Joes goodies!”
  • “I entered to win a Trader Joes gift pack on lemontree3.com today. Did you?”
  • “I hope I win some Trader Joes goodies from lemontree3.com. Giveaway starts today!”
                                        …..You get the idea.

5. Blog about our giveaway and leave a comment letting us know that you did so!

Easy as that. Up to FOUR entries per person for the duration of the giveaway.
The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 23rd!

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12 Responses to Half Way Giveaway!

  1. Amy Guild says:

    My favorite snacks are wheat thins with a french onion laughing cow cheese.

  2. Jennifer Havener says:

    I already subscribe to your blog via Google Reader. So I guess my fun fact is that I’m also on staff with Crusade like Jocelyn, but I’m working at UCLA.

    My favorite snack is plain popcorn with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top :o) weird I know, but so tasty!

  3. Jody McComas says:

    I follow your blog and love the diversity of the posts. I also am addicted to the dark chocolate covered powerberries from Trader Joe’s right now. They didn’t have any when I went today. So sad and yet probably saved me many calories 😉

  4. Erin Kidwell says:

    Not going to lie…I read your blog everyday so all the new posts have been really cool and I’ve tried or incorporated a lot of stuff I’ve seen on here into my life/home. 🙂 My favorite snack is the cinnimon & sugar pita chips from Trader Joes!!! So crunchy and sweet, but not too sweet.

  5. Erin Kidwell says:

    Oh, and i subscribe to the blog so I get it in my email inbox every day!

  6. Megan says:

    My favorite snack is grape tomatoes from TJs and their peanut butter filled pretzels. As a nursing mom, I pretty much snack all day loooong…

  7. Megan says:

    I follow your blog & have my own at

    I love your blog, it is always fun to read.
    I mostly love the three of you!

  8. Megan says:

    and for my third comment… because TJs is my favorite store.

    my status now has your website & I blogged about you 🙂

  9. Melody Mertens says:

    My favorite snack is TJ’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups with their Bavarian Hefeweizen.

  10. I Love reading your blog, I think it is great because it is so varied but yet seen through the eyes of 3 women who clearly love design and love Jesus. 🙂
    My favorite snack is almonds with a couple m&m’s thrown in… or maybe the other way around.

  11. Amanda says:

    Jennifer, we eat plain popcorn with fresh parmesean cheese all the time- such a cheap snack, too! Jeeze, we sound like popcorn crazies.

  12. Janelle says:

    Snack-wise I’m a big fan of cereal. I guess that’s one of the things I never quite grew out of. Little cup of Cheerios or something like that. 🙂

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