iPad Perks

 A lot of people complain about their jobs, and i admit that i’m not above doing just that. But this week my job has made me very happy.


Well, because this week they (and more specifically, a brand i sell, Wacoal) made it possible for me to start blogging from my very own iPad2!

I had an iTouch before, but really, this is so much bigger and clearer and easier! And my favorite bonus is the camera. I love my iPad! Now I just need some tips on how to maximize it and what apps to get, veteran techies!

What do you love about the iPad and what are your favorite apps?

p.s. my iPad cover is by Kate Spade and can be bought here.
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  1. Samantha says:

    Fun times!! ESV study Bible, Kindle for iPad, evernote, maxjournal, google, wordpress, Netflix…

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