[Not so lovely] Love Handles

I have a bit of baby weight to lose. And almost all of it is in my love handles.

I thought I’d share just two of my simple strategies regarding my fight with love handles.

1) to lose them: a lot of days I drink a medium-sized glass of chocolate or strawberry milk in place of lunch. It’s a good idea for three reasons: It helps me portion control at a time of day I’m prone to overdo it with snacking. It’s easy to ‘make,’ especially while feeding a toddler and holding a newborn. And it’s an excellent way to get liquids and calcium in my system – good things for a nursing mom.

2) to hide them: In the summer, I wear baby-doll dresses/tops (see left) for everyday and high-waisted skirts with blousy tops for dress up. In the winter, I layer a puffer vest on over everything.

How do you combat your leftover baby weight? How do you disguise your “problem” areas?

PS As I write this post, I’m watching the triathlon world championships in Maui…so. incredibly. inspiring. There’s motivation to work out for you!

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  1. Kelsie says:

    You look freaking amazing in that picture!! I see no love handles and I don’t want to hear about them. You look better than me and you just had a baby. So there. (:

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