Summer MiniBook Progress 2

Here’s how my summer book is looking so far. If you didn’t see, here’s the book from inception and through the first part.

If you’re wondering how many progress updates there’ll be, the answer is 3. I’m just now finishing up the last few pages from our Maine trip (more on that later) and that’ll be the end of Summer as I knew it.

Click on any image below to enlarge it.

For more book inspiration, check out Elise’s blog updates. She is, after all, the original creator of the idea and has the best videos and tips.

We’ve had a full Summer.

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2 Responses to Summer MiniBook Progress 2

  1. Lena Voth says:

    Amanda, I am so very excited to have this project next summer! Lovely idea! Is it going to be a coffee table book? Do you have a special place where your summer minibooks will live?

  2. Michelle D. says:

    i’m so jealous. i want one!

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