Summer Minibook

I scrapbook.

Well, I did, I mean, I do… What I’m trying to say is that I do, but rarely, because I’m so far behind. And it seems like too much trouble to get everything out and start up again. So this summer, I’m trying something new. Sure, I’ll still attempt to scrapbook big occasions, but for everything little and sweet about my summer, I’ll minibook it.

I got this idea from Elise Blaha over at enJOY it. {If you don’t already follow her, you should. She makes projectsbakes bread, and runs. She’s cool.} She is the mastermind and all credit of any cool thought or idea goes to her. You can check out her Summer minibook adventure here.

All that to say, I was inspired. So I purchased just the cover {she offered this at one time… I’d email her if you’re interested} since it’s so cool and I needed something hard to act as a, well, cover. And Elise had embosed it with her unique “Summer twenty eleven” stamp, so I was sold. I also bought a paper pad from Martha that would be perfect for both traditional scrapbooking and for minibooking. If you chose to go this route, it’s perfect for leftover scrapbook scraps or just a few of your favorite summer-time designs. It doesn’t take much to make a book at only 4″ by 6″.

I had these O-rings that I had gotten earlier at Fred Meyer, I believe, and I punched a hole through the pages I had thus far. As the summer continues, I’ll add in photos, momentos, journaling and reminders. I’ll start off with our trip to Florida and my birthday getaway weekend.

Tune back in for updates!

You can get your own Summer mini book here.

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  2. Michelle D. says:

    i’m lovin’ the martha stewart paper! 😉

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